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Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitators plan and deliver meetings using proven visual thinking activities and methods that get effective results and more positive outcomes. Whether your goal is strategic planning, new product or process development, agile implementation, or team building, our graphic facilitation can get you there more quickly and easily. Studies by Stanford University have shown that this technique improves consensus by 21%, retention by 80%, and speeds up meeting time by 24%.

image for Expertise in Broad Range of Agile Tools

Graphic Recording

Graphic recorders observe, listen, and synthesize your valuable content and conversations at meetings into a combination of images and words that become a powerful and memorable record. This visual summary has far more impact than a written document and conveys more context, intent, and ideas than words alone. It can also be digitized and distributed online or via email to get everyone on the same page quickly.

image for Expertise in Broad Range of Agile Tools


Visualizations help explain a system, method, process, program or policy. Produced for presentations, private distribution or printed as posters for wall display, they bring clarity in explaining systems and keep your vision and goals in sight.


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