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OGSystems is qualified to support all 22 functional areas in all 7 geographic zones defined by the contract. We have a dedicated team of small businesses that enhance our internal capabilities and provide additional expertise. OGSystems provides the Navy with unique engineering and analytic capabilities, that include:

Agile Engineering

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OGS engineers use industry best practices and refine the Agile Development Method (ADM) to flexibly solve client problems with the least amount of time and resources.

Graphic Facilitation

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With deep, cross-disciplinary experience, our graphic facilitators employ best-in-class and customized methodologies for engaging stakeholders and harvesting group ideas to arrive at productive outcomes.

Data Collection & Processing

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OGS’ team of highly-skilled analysts and field service representatives deliver the expert data collection and rapid processing needed to turn our world’s data into actionable knowledge.

Task Order Information

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Team Members

CCRI logo
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CCRI is a small business that designs, implements, and integrates advanced analytic software solutions capable of helping decisions makers answer key questions. CCRi’s team of data scientists, mathematicians, and machine learning experts develop pragmatic solutions with rigorous mathematical foundations. Our software engineering team implements these solutions in high quality, standards-based software systems.

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SciTec is a small business focused on researching, developing, fielding, and supporting analysis with advanced sensing systems to enhance our nation’s security. Most known for EO/IR systems and Test instrumentation, SciTec has developed passive & active capabilities to exploit measurements and signatures throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Epiq Solutions is a small business that designs and builds state-of-the-art SWaP-optimized reconfigurable radio systems for mission critical applications. With expertise spanning RF system design to physical layer signal processing and higher layer protocol processing, Epiq Solutions provides engineering development services as well as commercially available 2G/3G/4G cellular products to complement its expanding portfolio of software defined radio (SDR) platforms.

Quality Assurance Program

We systematically integrate the achievement of quality into everything we do, individually and collectively, through all phases in the lifecycle of our products and services. Our three-phase Quality Assurance (QA) approach, contains checkpoints throughout the project lifecycle.

Stage Description
Planning Before starting the project, we work with the Government Program Manager to establish processes, strategies, designs, and performance metrics for a product or system. This approach provides for a common understanding of the nature and scope of the project.
Monitoring We track performance to timeliness and accuracy standards in regularly scheduled project audits and document nonconformities as required to ensure the project is moving forward as scheduled.
Review We conduct final quality control inspections and testing to ensure all devices are operational, documentation adequately describes their functionality, and all Government specified technical requirements are satisfied.

We require our suppliers and teammates to develop, deploy, and maintain their own quality systems that comply with industry Quality Management System (QMS) standards. We flow our QMS requirements down to our suppliers to ensure that we effectively manage, perform, control, and verify the quality of processes, products, and services delivered to the Navy. The QMS includes objectives for all elements of the program.

Points of Contact

Jonathan McColgan
Program Manager, Seaport-e
T: (404) 808-4484
Claire LeSuer
Contracts Administrator
T: (703) 870-7552 x229