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Performance-Enhanced Airborne Reconnaissance Low (PeARL)

PeARL is a family of sensors with flexible configurations that provide very high resolution aerial imagery to support operational requirements.

PeARL collection systems, field service representatives (FSRs) and processing tools have been tested, validated and field proven on both manned and unmanned platforms in the most challenging of operational environments since 2003.

PeARL Camera System
  • PeARL

  • Our flagship product PeARL 6 offers best in class aerial photogrammetry and features up to six industry-leading 29Mp cameras with 400mm diffractive optic lenses featuring image stabilization and other advanced features. At 10,000ft Above Ground Level (AGL), the customer can expect to obtain:

  •   4cm Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)
  •   5,500ft wide collection swath
  •   Real time metadata processing and projection creation
  •   Orthorectification & automated image enhancements
PeARL Flex Camera

    PeARL Flex

    Our roll on roll off version of PeARL, this system offers all the features of a PeARL 6 system as well as a bayonet style mount interface for the L-3 WESCAM MX 15, 20, and 25 aircraft mounts. This system boasts exceptional 3D extraction performance and is:

  •   Designed to rapidly fit the mission needs of the interfacing aircraft
  •   Provides industry leading image quality and collection capabilities
  •   Designed for single pass 3D extraction of the processed collection data

    PeARL Lite

    With the incredible diversity of unmanned platforms, it is necessary for PeARL to fit the custom mold of any UAV system. PeARL Lite meets this criteria with:

  •   Form factors ranging from 6lbs to 20 lbs
  •   External or internal aircraft pod options
  •   Bleeding-edge miniature sensors fitted with custom machine vision lenses
* PeARL 5 Imagery taken at 9,400 ft while PeARL 6 is at 12,200 ft

OGSystems’ spirit of innovation has led to some ground-breaking advancements in the PeARL sensor suite. PeARL 6 is a staggering 84 pounds lighter than PeARL 5, resulting in longer collection time, less power consumption for increased multi-mission sensor payload, and overall improved image quality.


PeARL Flash

On-Demand 3D Processing

PeARL Flash provides User Defined / On-Demand 2D/3D processing of content agnostic geospatial data that is scalable within customers bare metal, virtual and/or cloud based infrastructure environments.

PeARL Flash’s pixel to pixel reconstruction without using photo mesh enables a true representation of the collected space.

3D Processing Fusion

Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)

Full Motion Video (FMV) from leading ISR Sensors

Point & Shoot Handheld Camera

Full Motion Video (FMV) Commercial Drone

* WAMI Imagery Provided by Harris Corvus Eye Wide Area Imagery Sensor



PeARL Sensors ONLY

2D Processing

Data Source:

  • PeARL Imagery ONLY

Output Products & Formats:

  • 2D Mosaics / .geotiff, .ntf, .jpg, .kml

** Ability to capture, orthorectify, georegister, color balance and produce mosaics from PeARL imagery for the PeARL Sensor exlusively.


Sensor agnostic

2D & 3D processing

Infrastructure agnostic (Bare metal, Virtual, Cloud) SaaS

Data Source:

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Full Motion Video
  • Wide Area Motion Imagery
  • Hand Held Cameras

Output Products & Formats:

  • 2D Mosaics / .geotiff, .ntf, .jpg, .kml
  • Digital Terrain Model / .geotiff
  • Digital Surface Model / .geotiff
  • 3D True Color point clouds / .las, .laz

** Ability to capture, orthorectify, georegister and color balance a wide range of imagery and video. This offering supports the PeARL sensor and third party sensors.