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Immersive Engineering is OGSystems’ problem-solving approach. Our goal is simple – deeply understand the problem and put basic solutions in the hands of users within weeks. We developed our Immersive Engineering methodology to help our clients adapt and embrace the fast pace of change in a dynamic national security landscape – one where the mission is shifting, and technology opportunities are emerging more rapidly than ever. As part of Parsons Advanced Technology Office, the Immersive Engineering Advanced Community of Excellence establishes a corporate-wide capability in Collaborative, Entrepreneurial, and Systems Thinking techniques.


Creating clarity around objectives for any kind of problem


Leveraging the marketplace to enable solutions


Gaining insights from experiments through hands-on experience


Applying Systems Thinking to enable customer acceptance and success




A unique blend of graphic facilitation, visualization, change management, and strategic consulting using visual concepts and fostering active group collaboration.

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Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design

Problem-solving approach that focuses on people: understanding their needs, collaborating and sharing ideas, and developing tailor made prototypes.

Lean Start-Up

Lean Start-Up

Product development methodology to realize customer solutions faster through a consistent build-measure-learn feedback loop.

Agile Systems Engineering

Agile Systems Engineering

OGSystems' team of skilled SAFe agilists are proven leaders in implementing Lean-Agile software and systems development at enterprise scale.

Immersive Engineering Use Cases
Viper Labs R&D Overview


VIPER Labs is an incubation platform that brings the Immersive Engineering experience to life. Problems go through the Discover phase, new ideas are Modeled and Explored, and solutions are Delivered through customer engagements and feedback. VIPER Labs is a playground for our best engineers and thought leaders to explore the art of the possible, and actively build solutions across a broad spectrum of challenges.

Immersive Engineering at a Glance

Our customers face a dynamic national security landscape - one where the mission is shifting and technology opportunities are emerging more rapidly than ever. OGSystems developed our Immersive Engineering approach to help our clients adapt and embrace this fast pace of change. Using industry-leading practices and tools, we drive out clarity and understanding of our customer's hardest problems, leverage existing marketplace capabilities, experiment and model potential solutions, and rapidly integrate them to produce solutions that deliver impact.